Anti-theft Pull box

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Mechanical Security
The Mechanical solution is a small, low cost, steel cabled mechanical retractor. Idea for low value items, or low risk environments, the mechanical can be used for a wide variety of handheld items or model.


Anti-theft Pull box
Item No: RC15A-03

1.Certification: ISO9001, Rohs
2.Shell Material:ABS, Size: 50mmx33.4mm,Thickness:15.6mm,Shape: Water Drop;
3.Wire material: Stainless Steel Wire;
4.Shell Color: White or Black; Wire Color: Silver, Black;
5.Pulling Force: 220g(1/2LB, standard pulling force), 150g(1/3LB),120g(1/4LB),80g(1/6LB),60g(1/8LB);
6.Wire Diameter: 0.9mm(standard),0.8mm,0.6mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,0.45mm
7.Wire Length: 90cm(standard), 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 100cm;
8.Accessory: 3M Tape or Screw;
9.Specification: Slide clip on back and with locking mechanism which stop cord at any position.
10.Package: 500pcs/ctn, G.W.: 12.8kg/ctn, Carton Size: 50cmx35cmx19cm.
These are retractable device with sticker or screw to protect the samples which effectively prevent showing merchandise from being stolen in supper market, retail shops and exhibition.
We can make different pull force according to different goods and different ending parts for your options. Our pull box at different pull force is suitable for the exhibition of different goods.
If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us anytime. We’ll provide you the best solution.


Anti shoplifting Recolier/Pull box -water drop shape

anti shoplifting recoiler water drop shape

anti shoptheft recoiler, water drop shape


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